Thursday, August 18, 2016

18th August, 2016 Horse Yodel-ing

It can be very tedious waiting in for the courier to arrive but we had two special deliveries today. The big horses had to vacate their field so that the lorries could get in.

Zoe and Zelda are back for just 10 days before the Breed Show...having travelled from just the other side of the A31. Ivy, on the other hand, had journeyed all the way from Bodmin and will be in for two or three weeks depending on the progress that she makes.

Polite introductions by at the smalls...

Ivy is a yearling Exmoor pony, who despite having famous names like Tawbitts, Hawkwell  and (Anchor) Lemonade in her bloodlines failed to meet the standards set by the Exmoor Pony Society. Most notably she does have sweet itch and somewhere near the top of the wish list is to be able to put a sweet itch rug on her. She's very very nervous of people and so we shall see.