Monday, August 22, 2016

22nd August, 2016 Head Space

On my own with Ivy today and, as usual, trying to go into a quiet, peaceful place in my mind in order to work with her intuitively and sensitively. I wanted to help her to become a lot more comfortable about having her head touched and show her that it could be nice. It really is so important to find the right touch, the one that relaxes the horse, rather than one that is fiddly, scratchy or tickly. Touch is for the benefit of the recipient!

My morning was taken up with a hospital appointment, trying once again to get some help with the pain in my neck and shoulders which has not diminished since I was squashed by a horse in February. I feel a lot more optimistic now that I have been taken seriously, sent off for immediate x-rays and given an upgrade of anti-inflammatories. Incidentally I have never heard a word from the owners of the horse that did it to me even though I made it quite clear that I didn't blame them or their horse. Like so many horses he was out of control and lost with people on the ground and if I had been at his own home instead of my yard, I would have insisted on a lot more groundwork, rather than just an hour, before working on his loading problem. You live and learn, unfortunately the hard way.

Meanwhile Théoden is under the doctor too - lame for the very first time since I have owned him and possibly in his entire life. The vet and I have chosen plan B, rest with anti-inflammatories for a week, to see how he goes on. Luckily no tendon damage so no box rest. If he is no better in a week I shall have to take him down to the vets for a full work up.