Saturday, March 25, 2017

26th March, 2017 The Donut Run

Donut went out for his longest walk yesterday morning and was unfazed by all of the hazards en route.

Donkeys sunbathing behind the hedge...

...and a truly worrying sign for a boy that has not missed too many meals.

He and Wendy made a very contented pair, wandering off into the distance on their own at the end. He is now ready to be ridden again.

Back at the fields the New Forest ponies had come home to see if there was a cuppa going...

...that tummy looks as if it might be an extra mouth to feed eventually.
Quote of the week: Me: I think Nelly may well be pregnant, Wendy (a different one): How did that happen? Me: Do you really need me to explain...?

The two equines that represent the beginning and the end of my career share their thoughts.