Sunday, January 10, 2016

10th January, 2016 Victor-y Lap

Couldn't resist a quiet little session with Victor on my own today. Nothing dramatic to report but he was mock tied with a haynet while I groomed him all over (not that you can tell in the photos) and worked on asking him to accept me more easily on his right hand side. Like a lot of semi-feral ponies he is happier to have people on one side than the other and in his case he prefers people on his left.

Next we went for a walk around the top paddock which is the next size up from the small paddock. Leading itself is not a problem any more but his fear levels are. He has lived a very sheltered life, on his own for much of the time, and hasn't seen much of the world at all.

He was very wary of the low bridge and torn between approaching it and running away. By circling it a few times and letting him get closer bit by bit we got to the stage where he would at least touch it with his nose.

Such a pretty picture, even if we are having a muddy legs competition.