Monday, January 18, 2016

18th January, 2016 More Adventures of Victor

Victor wasn't keen to put his back feet on the little bridge today so rather than put pressure on him, I decided that front feet was good enough and took him at his word. I suspect that he might be a little sore and for that reason I haven't been picking up his back feet either.

As you can see he still has a fair old wound in his undercarriage but thankfully there is no sign of swelling or any hint of an infection. I have spoken to the vet today and she has reassured me that he will be healing from the inside and should be as good as new within a week. For that reason I am keeping him in for the rest of his stay so that we don't risk an infection.

That doesn't mean we can't go for walks although it is complicated avoiding groundwater and mud, as well as the twenty mares milling outside my fields.

Once inside the inclosure we've got the place to ourselves. Victor is an angel and just walks along, side by side, as if he has been doing it all his life, not just for two weeks.

I led him from the left and from the right so that he doesn't always expect people to be on the same side and also because he is more worried about people being on his right than on his left. We need to even him out.

Back at the fields he wanted to take his pick.