Thursday, January 7, 2016

7th January, 2016 New Best Friends

Today's lessons look remarkably similar to yesterday's. I aim to change just one aspect of each section of work each day and today we had the added complication and pressure of a gale force wind which was almost enough to blow you off your feet.

In the barn Victor was tied up through, not to, the tie up ring, with Tracey holding the other end so that she could allow him some more line if he pulled backwards so that he didn't meet a solid pressure. Then she could ask him with a gentle pressure to come forward again. In this way there are no dramas and no potential injuries to the important structures in the head and neck.

Like all colts, Victor enjoys a chest rub.

Picking out his front foot.

Arrangements in the field haven't really been to anyone's satisfaction with Jack feeling grumpy about being lumbered with Victor and separated from Nettles, Nettles thinking Jasper is extremely dull, and Victor thinking that either Nettles or Victor must be better company than Jack. It made sense now that Victor had got beyond his most excited behaviour to see how he would get on with Jasper. So the loner is in with the lonely and they seem to be getting on famously. Lots of synchronisation which is so essential to their mental well being.