Monday, March 28, 2016

28th March, 2016 Boning Up

I have created a Facebook page in honour of Honour on which you can follow our progress, or lack of it!
I've been boning up on my anatomy and preparing to articulate what David insists on calling our Skelington.We've got a few bones missing but more or less a whole pony to work with.

The teeth are fascinating and show that wild ponies still struggle with sharp hooks on their teeth which might cause ulceration of the cheek.

They can also restrict the ability of the pony to chew properly.

This is the fascinating mechanism of the ulna (elbow) of the horse. Always takes a bit of thinking that the knee of the horse, lower down the leg, is actually its wrist!

Towards the tail end of the horse, the vertebrae are fused together whereas the rest is articulated and fit together like a wonderful jigsaw.