Friday, July 22, 2016

22nd July, 2016 Sun and Sand

We'd told the black ponies that they were having a day with sun and sand. They envisaged some sort of rest day on a lounger with a cocktail and a good book I think. They had plenty of beauty sleep, came round slowly, and spent some time just stretching.

When their transport arrived they were keen to go on and travelled along happily chatting about the day ahead. Little did they realise that they were attending a private showing clinic with showing specialist Stephanie Zebedee.

Luckily for me the ponies were immediately swept up by Sarah and Carla who are not only good at showing but really like it. The ponies were asked to trot energetically and to stand poised, not quite the chilled out morning they had expected. Nevertheless they did extremely well in the sweltering heat and Steph had lots of nice things said about them. Sarah and Carla were more than amazing!

Henrietta has a new rasp that we were trying out today. My next acquisition will be a pair of one handed pincers. I shall only take the excess off each foot. Not only did she wander in and out of the trailer today but she also went for a little ride in it; well, it was still attached to the car so who could resist?