Saturday, July 30, 2016

30th July, 2016 Measure for Measure

Second visit to Sway this week, aiming to consolidate our progress with the two mares, Honey and Iona. There's no doubt that these two horses are very beautiful. Honey was ground tied to have her long reins on and then long-reined with a smile on her face (for once!).

She's a lovely stamp of a horse and we would love to know her breeding. We've made guesses at part Cleveland Bay or part Morgan and possible Thoroughbred.

Iona looks like an Irish horse, possibly Irish Sports Horse with some Connemara.

There's no doubt about Henrietta's breeding and the combination of donkey and Welsh Section A makes her impossibly cute. Today I measured her up for a hand made headcollar which will have magnetic fasteners and will be the next stage in her progress to wearing a 'normal' headcollar.

She's spending her day in the Nissen hut with Jack well out of the way of all of the insects.

Quite a congregation on the green at Fritham where the animals are now dependant on the water trough for fresh, palatable water. It's due to rain soon.

Very pleased to hear that Crazy did well at the Arabian Nationals at Malvern where of course he was required to wear a bit.