Saturday, July 2, 2016

2nd July, 2016 The New Forest Office

The New Forest office this morning
A basic groundwork session for Zelda first thing this morning, learning to go forwards, backwards, and sideways to simple body language or cues. She also met the motor and the mule. What's great about both of these New Forest ponies is that they don't seem to possess a 'no'. Even more critical then to make sure that every request is a fair one.

Stand, forward, halt, and turn.

Lunchtime appointment with Sandra and her two horses. We didn't know whether we would be able to go ahead!

Between rainstorms we managed to work with both horses and both made significant progress. Honey was ridden with stirrups for the first time and worked softly with a breath out into walk and a breath out into halt (yes, it's the same for both).

Meanwhile Iona is now established off the lead rein and is walking on and halting to the same soft cue. Neither horse is now being clickered for walk on and halt any more; we can use it again when we want to teach something new or if their understanding wanes at any time.

Back at Fritham Chief Assistant for the Day, Julie, worked with Zoe, establishing groundwork and distance from Zelda.