Thursday, July 13, 2017

13th July, 2016 Little Hand, Huge Feet!

Everyone tires of retirees who say that they don't know how they ever found time to go to work. The last two weeks has given me a taste of that, although I have been diligently writing every afternoon. Last night I gave a little hand at a wine, beer, and gin tasting evening in the village without doing too much of the tasting myself. Since we were selling Percheron wine, I asked Claire whether she might bring a couple of her Percheron down to the hall. They were a great draw and put a smile on everyone's faces. It was a very successful evening.

Riding this morning, with Lorraine for the first time. She got on well with Petra which means I should get my horses exercised more regularly and she will keep her riding muscles going. Lovely Petra is such a good girl for all of her riders, Tracey, Julie, Pat and Lorraine.

We stopped to say hello to Barbara on the way back...

Kerry rode from Burley, where she is on holiday with her pony, to Fritham, to come to our Birthday Club and dropped her pony off at the fields to relax. She's a sweet New Forest pony with some interesting mealy colouring. She also likes to wear her fly fringe in a jaunty style.

It was Melissa's birthday this week and she even brought her own, home-made cake. It was very nice!

Finally, I went over to see Barney again to work with Claire and make sure that she would be able to carry on with the work I have done in her absence. Everything went really well.