Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5th July, 2017 On the Buses

I saw Juma from a distance this morning and then had to go over to pull Nell's collar back over her ear.

Now that we have the all clear for the yard we were able to take Henrietta out with Jack. She loaded willingly at each end of the walk. She's rather round at the moment and I hoped that some exercise might help...instead she ate everything she saw.

Lovely lovely Jack enjoyed his walk too.

Top L to R and clockwise: Clover's book; Still Water - Nic Fiddian-Green (POA!); Frankel - Mark Correth £22,500; Win and Missy Grazing - Emma Sargeant £900.
This evening we did some more horsiculture, visiting the Messums Gallery in Tisbury to see the Art in Motion, Spirit of the Horse Exhibition along with an interview with Clover Stroud, author of The Wild Other. She was fascinating to listen to and really encouraging about writing my book (which I really need at the moment). More homework reading her book. If she is as authentic as she came across this evening, then I think it will be a brilliant read. It was about all I could afford!

Top L to R and clockwise: Found - Charles Church £8850; Dartmoor Pony - Nick Bibby £8750; Hambledon Hill - Charles Church (not for sale); Drawing Based on CT scans of Eclipse (31 sheets of glass) Angela Palmer - £19,000