Thursday, January 31, 2013

31st January, 2013 Throwing caution to the wind

Despite gale force winds, Jessica worked really well today, coming up to be caught as soon as I entered the round pen. We did some basic groundwork and then a session of desensitisation so that I could try and work out if there was any pattern to the things that worry her and the things that don't. As you can see, she was absolutely cool about the carrier bags on a stick even though they were very noisy indeed. She really wasn't bothered about them and this must be good news when we are looking towards putting a rider on her.

She was more cautious about approaching the poles and the wooden bridge, causing me to wonder if it is about keeping her feet safe. She plucked up the courage to jump over the poles and then began to slow down and eventually walk over them really calmly. By the end of the session she was eating pony nuts off the bridge and allowing me to stand on it next to her rubbing her back on both sides.