Friday, June 24, 2016

24th June, 2016 Madeira Cake

Madeira is full of extremes. The sheer power of the Atlantic Ocean which slammed against the rocks next to our house at high tide, and the gentle trickle of clear mountain water making its way down the high levadas.

The height and menace of the volcanic rock mountains and the pristine, terracotta-roofed houses overlooking one another in the gentle folds of the foothills. The solitude of a mountain track fringed by wild flowers, and the chaotic cacophony of people in the street bars. But certainly not enough horses...

There were lots of other interesting creatures...

Did you honestly think I could go for a week without kissing a horse? It was touch and go for a while whether I would find one but we came across this beautiful Lusitano mare in São Jorge. She wasn't convinced about me at first but a few lovely rubs and she thought I might actually be useful.

You should always be careful what you wish for as we found this undoubtedly blind and sick stallion on our last day. He must have been glorious in his hey day. He accepted handfuls of grass which he sucked on for a fair while, and he also seemed to enjoy my kind hand on his old bones.