Tuesday, June 28, 2016

28th June, 2016 Z Cars

Jack was intrigued to see what came out of the trailer this morning...

Black beauties, Zoe and Zelda, both two year old New Forest ponies, did a pretty immaculate job of self-loading on to a stock trailer so that they could be moved up to mine. They were bred by John and Penny Hankinson and have therefore been handled carefully and kindly. They have come to me to further their basic education. The biggest challenge will be asking them to work separately from one another.

"Utterly delighted! - Photo’s absolutely fabulous – we will have them blown up and put onto everything😊 It was a really great start and I can’t wait to see how they progress." WJ

As well as asking for the girls' autographs, Henrietta had a very successful session of her own...

...this looks awfully like a headcollar don't you think? I think we may be ready for the real thing.

Afternoon appointment with two more New Forest ponies, Kesali and Copper. Both are wearing a bit under their Duallys for all kinds of work now and seem very happy with the Neue Schule starter bit.

Jackie has been getting on Kesali on her own and is now riding around the field. Today we worked on breathing out into walk and breathing out into halt.

As the threatened rain arrived we worked on asking Copper to take his handbrake off so that he would trot in hand and go forward when short-reined.

"Just wanted to say thanks to you and Tracey for another really illuminating session with the boys. It's good to know I'm doing the things that need to be done...me and them are learning so much together. Had a really good groundwork session with both of them today. Copper is trotting in hand pretty nicely! Thanks so much for your help and ideas. And of course the good humour! I'm sure that the ponies respond just to the pleasant "vibe" that you generate." JH