Friday, June 3, 2016

3rd June, 2016 So What Happens Now...

...for Vino this morning another suitcase, another hall, but the people who love him were all still there. This pony and his relationship with Lisa almost moves me to tears every time I see them together.

Just over a week ago Vino and his friends, Amigo and Blaze, decided to migrate to another field just up the road where their owner keeps other horses. Lisa had to build another beautifully rustic pen in which to work with him. This morning was the first time he had been in it and, surrounded by more noise and movement than ever before, he looked a little apprehensive to begin with. He soon settled and we were able to continue to work with him on leading and picking up his feet.

Next stop, on the other side of Woodgreen, was to see Tamsyn's new horse, 4 year old Arabian stallion, Arash. He is a glorious young horse with just a few little quirks to work with. He's not so keen on being caught and would rather point his bottom at you while putting his head over the (squashed by another horse) gate. We worked with inviting body language, shoulders down, head collar in outside hand, and turning away to acknowledge his first offer to be caught, and it all worked beautifully for both of us.

We did a little work on leading...but it was tempting to walk him all the way out of the gate and up the road to my house!

...and finished with some work on ear shyness which is making it awkward to put his headcollar, fly mask or bridle on.