Thursday, June 9, 2016

9th June, 2016 Merely Minions

A misty morning on the Forest and just time to say hello goodbye to Théoden before setting off for the Isle of Wight...

Stallion, Haywards Impressionist, on one of his last days out on the Forest for this year. The stallions are all due to come in this week.

Ponies on marshland near Brockenhurst.

It's been four months since we saw Jane and her three Shetland Ponies. They're all doing really well and were all completely unfazed by the obstacles today, even the remote control minion which makes some very creepy noises. Jane had created a water tray and each of them quite happily splashed through there too.

Pie would really rather eat the grass that talk to a mere minion.

In the afternoon we tried clickered obstacles with Mollie having taken her into the school where she wouldn't be tempted by grass...and we finished on the lead rein again.

"Thank you so much for another great day, all ponies did brilliantly, thank you for all your help and training. I just so enjoy working with you and Tracey and we learn something new each time. And it is really important that they work with somebody else not just me. Without your assistance the ponies would not be able to achieve all the challenges we ask of them. They all have very different minds and behave & react in very different ways and you understand them and meet all their needs. Thank you." JB

Relaxing before I went home I went to see Blue and Nelly who were part of a huge herd at Janesmoor Pond. We haven't had proper rain for a couple of weeks and so they tend to congregate around good watering holes.

Jasper who is back out on the Forest is looking amazing well.

This team appear to be doing a nose-tip search...