Friday, February 17, 2017

17th February, 2017 Having a Lie In

Henrietta is a clever little soul. She has worked out that if she goes under the gate she can steal Petra's food without being shoved off.

She's as keen as ever to get into the trailer - I'm just not so sure I want to be in there with her.

The outsiders came back today. I sat down in the sunshine with my back to a tree and watched them.

'Exmoor' who is not mine, has the very best ears...

...and honoured me by lying down close to me and falling asleep...

...she wasn't the only one. I don't have a name for this girls but she was soon snoring away too.

IF that is a foal in there, it is probably by Applewitch Diversity and likely to be a bright bay just like him or Nelly. I have been thinking of foal names which is pretty sad! I shall be keeping him or her whatever she has and they will live out their life on the Forest.