Monday, February 27, 2017

27th February, 2017 Egypt Equine Aid Part II: The Outpatients' Department

The clinic at Egypt Equine Aid has around thirty-five equines as in-patients, resting in stables or outside in sand manèges depending on their status and treatments. However most days there is a stream of new patients arriving, some on foot, some lying on or being led by carts, with owners asking for help and treatment.

Sometimes EEA can help immediately with working, wound treatment, soft nosebands, saddle pads, and better tack, and sometimes patients are admitted. This donkey had a large haematoma and was admitted.

This cart horse was in fairly good condition but a soft noseband over a chain across his nose was a nice improvement in his daily life.

Examples of the 'headcollars' that are removed from visitors make an awful sight.

This little donkey care was well cared for but came in for worming and a new headcollar.

This horse was pulling a cart leading another horse in for treatment. They both needed TLC.

Sometimes the customers are not exactly horses.

With grateful thanks to Bea Hearne.