Wednesday, February 22, 2017

22nd January, 2017 Careering Around...

I have received some really beautiful comments from my fellow Recommended Associates since I made my formal announcement that I am giving up being an RA myself. Here's just a few of them:

" will have made a huge difference to many people's and horses lives for the better & given them a knowledge they wouldn't have gained otherwise, so for that you should be very proud."
" have contributed so much and benefited the lives of many horses as I'm sure you will continue to do with your writing."
"I love your No Fear No Force book that has not only helped me but many of my clients too, so I'm looking forward to reading what you've been writing recently..."

Today I set off on the first step towards my new career as an author, meeting up with Imogen (Cooper) Founder of the Golden Egg Academy. Normally looking after people who write for children, she has agreed to look after my project since it involves horses...and she has two of her own.  (Neither of us is any good at selfies.)

Here are her two. Balthazar, Icelandic horse on the left, and Welsh Cob Winnie, who I have worked with before, on the right.

Meanwhile I still have four months working with my current clients. I also have my Bar Buffers available aimed at helping horses to be far more comfortable when they are travelling.