Wednesday, February 8, 2017

8th February, 2017 Hundreds and Thousands

With the counter for the blog just about to go over 300,000, it's fitting that today's hero is Sammy, one of our regulars. We had hoped that there would be plenty for him to see and do on our tour today but with Moonhills car park closed, it was exceedingly quiet. We like to make it up as we go along so had to make do with some donkeys although Sammy was more curious about meeting them than they were about meeting him. (Olly in the middle was making sure that we didn't take the wrong pony).

As we walk along, Tracey and I have philosophical debates about all things horsey and how sometimes it is important to say to a horse, there is no point in arguing, and sometimes, there's no need to argue. Sometimes you have to go through the first in order to be able to reach the second because the horse has built up so many barriers and strategies that he can't see that there would ever be a reason to give up his behaviour and he's so busy exercising his strategies that he can't feel that things are different. Sometimes we have to say, stop, listen...look, it's easy.