Saturday, April 15, 2017

15th April, 2017 Horse Sense

Joined today for the first time by work experience, and potential veterinary student, Adam, who needs to acquire some horse sense to add to his C.V. What better way to start understanding body language and positive techniques such as clicker training than taking Jack out for a walk in the Forest.

In the meantime, Marcus, the vintage New Forest pony, is now being caught much more happily as a result of clicker training. His sharer, Hazel, says...

"Flick told me today that, in the morning she walks into the field, gives one click and Marcus gallops up the field to her! In the evening he is more tense, so she gets the all into the corral and then lets the other two out. So it's working well. I got him in today. He saw me, stood still and waited, had his head collar put on and had his treats. It's a dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Clare is also doing amazingly well with Barney who is now pulling the trap.

Now that April the giraffe has given birth, my attention can turn to Nelly who is due to give birth some time in the next four weeks, and hopefully before I go away to Kenya.