Wednesday, April 5, 2017

5th April, 2017 When Harry Met Sally

Whifflegig called in briefly yesterday afternoon to practice his loading away from home. He loaded and unloaded nine times and will have another repeat on Thursday.

Today I met Harry for the first time, a gorgeous Connemara with a fabulous temperament. Not many people know that I was originally christened Sally, so it was truly a case of when Harry met Sally. We did some straightforward groundwork and talked about why Harry might be reluctant to use his field shelter which is at the opposite end of his paddock to the neighbouring horses. Accordingly he is torn about whether he wants to be warm, dry and fed, or in the company of other horses and away from the seeming wilderness beyond his own field boundary.

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, there was nothing to do other than take Jack and Jack-Jack out for a walk on the Forest. However, Henrietta stood plaintively, pitifully, and longingly looking over the hand gate and promised that she wouldn't go off on a frolic of her own. Accordingly we took her with us but having almost lost her to the wild ponies on the way over to the inclosure (she soon forgets the pledges she makes), I had to bring her back in the trailer. Fortunately she loaded well.