Friday, April 28, 2017

28th April, 2017 Over the Moon

We had a little time to wait until the new pony, Moon, arrived yesterday and so I had time to move the horses around to where I needed them to be. Pie has been invited to eat the grass next door at Nathalie's. He's on his own there but doesn't seem to mind and is determined to put on weight so that he can go back out onto the Forest at least for the summer.

I thought I would introduce Henrietta to her new plinth. She wasn't fooled for one minute and clearly stated that it was not a plinth it was a nail file and she wasn't going to stand on it. Negotiations have begun.

Everyone gets excited about the arrival of new horses...

but Henrietta was adamant that the new pony was definitely her private property. Moon, who apparently doesn't intermingle with other horses, didn't really get any choice in the matter.

Moon is Welsh Section C and has clearly been a brood mare in the past. She is terrified of humans and avoids all contact, not even taking food from the hand. We'll have to see whether we can do any good but I think I may have my work cut out to make much difference in the time that she is with me. Fortunately her owner is totally realistic about that.  Moon is certainly extremely pretty and looks like she should be on a Beswick plinth.

The evening at a portrait exhibition in Winchester where sculptor Nadine Collinson's work was also being featured. Wine and canapés no less...