Sunday, April 16, 2017

16th April, 2017 Closing Down?

Just a couple of months to go before I stop being a Recommended Associate and for now I am just working with existing clients who have already booked in. I'm still not quite sure what I will be doing after that but am working on a few ideas as well as the first re-write on my book. I would like to carry on working with wild and worried ponies.

I was heartened to receive this email from N this morning:

"I hope you will forgive me but I also wanted to say how sorry I was to hear you are retiring from horses. I do understand your reasons entirely, but I was still really sad to hear the news. So many people think they have great abilities when it comes to working with horses, when in reality so few do. That is why it is always so sad when someone who does have great skills, and who makes such a difference to the lives of horses decides to stop. 

I learnt so much from you in the time Jasper was with you last winter, and enjoyed every minute of it too. You helped me build a trust and understanding with him which I had been desperately trying to do for years but with limited success. Mum was up at the field with me this morning and she was saying the difference in Jasper this last year is amazing. He stood quietly and happily outside the field gate this morning on the open forest with no headcollar or restraint at all whilst I rubbed cream onto the whole of one side of his face where he has been rubbing. There wasn't even a hint of fear or apprehension from him. That is a real sign of trust especially as I know how sore his face is. I would never have been able to do that but for all your help last year. You didn't just make a difference, you made all the difference."

Met a couple of friends while we were out this morning...hopefully Zelda and Zoe will be coming in for a little more education before I hang up my long reins.