Wednesday, June 30, 2004

June 2004

Holiday in Tanzania. The best most restful holiday I have ever had. I love watching all the animals but in particular the body language of the zebra. They are all fantastic. Went riding at Makoa Farm near Kilimanjaro. The farm is owned by two German Vets, Elizabeth and Lazlo, and the horses' welfare comes first. I rode a horse called Marvin, a Brumby who has been rescued from Zimbabwe.

When I got back I went to work with a horse that was refusing to load. I find that she has been sedated so I can't work with her and offer to ride her back to their own yard the next day and work on the problem there. Later on in the week I got her loading in and out of the trailer. If this horse continues to be difficult she will be sent back to her previous owners and her rider will miss out on Pony Club Camp. (This horse went on to load consistently, went to Camp and is now competing at show-jumping and cross-country).

The first pony arrives at the yard for starting. She is a slight four year old New Forest pony and her owner's nick-name for her is Killer. Hmmph! (This pony went home having been started very gently and proved to be so fearless that she is to be broken for harness).