Friday, January 13, 2017

13th January, 2017 The 'Con' Artist

Tracey worked with Sammy, the Connemara, again this week, and the theme was feel. I wanted her to feel everything that she wanted to do and to convey to Sammy before she took any action with the lead line, or even picked up his foot, or put his head-collar on in the first place. Working this way reduces effort and leads to softness since the feel in your mind is reflected in the feel of your hand. It worked very nicely. Sammy picked his feet up beautifully (he used to be reluctant and awkward) and was even more of a pleasure to take for a walk and trot around the Forest. No great challenges but it's good to have a very peaceful session rather than meeting new things every time you go out.

A big thank you to these lovely dog walkers who put their dogs on leads when they saw us.

The wild ponies were enjoying the sun

"When I think back to when he first arrived he was extremely pushy, bargy and you literally had to be on your guard watching for the teeth whenever you were around him and his feet were a no no - so much has improved over the Winter which you have both played a big part in." YS