Thursday, January 26, 2017

26th January, 2017 Underpinned

I seem to have got off very lightly. My thumb had its pins taken out this morning and I was fully expecting to have to wear a cast for the next six weeks. Instead, the bone has healed so well that I just have a splint, with a metal support, to wear when I am doing 'light work'. I can start to drive again in a week and a half which means I can at last take some of the burden off Tracey who has been feeding the horses during the week for the last seven weeks.

This morning I took a photograph of Henrietta with me so that the surgeon could see the culprit. It gave the nurse something to talk about when she was distracting me while the pins were being taken out which, incidentally, didn't hurt at all.

Gruesome pictures but this is what they looked like in and out.