Tuesday, January 31, 2017

31st January, 2017 A Ribbon of Tarmac

This beautiful picture, taken by my friend Russell Sach, is a poignant reminder of how vulnerable the ponies are on the Forest. Drivers seem to think that the provision of a ribbon of tarmac across common land gives them the right to drive without any regard for the ponies.

Last week the Verderers were happy to report that there were no casualties for that week...well, this week we have a head start with two fatally injured by the same driver.

Three days later, and just 400 yards along from where these two were killed, there was another one...I make no apologies for these pictures, it's the shock factor that at least gets some publicity. Lots of people say it is 'the locals' that drive too fast. Statistically then they are more likely to hit a pony, but it is the commuters from the edge of the Forest that seem to think that their business is more important that that of the Commoners.

Three days after that...and it goes on. This one was hit from behind and both back legs broken...

..the driver, who could well have been badly hurt, abandoned their car, and did not inform anyone about the collision.