Saturday, January 21, 2017

21st January, 2017 Positive Strides

Vanessa's regular date with my husband. Today we both stood back to let her get ready on her own and see how everything went. First step is always fitting the Dually correctly, from the outset, so that if anything happens the rope part of the Dually is never on the softest part of the nose.

Picking up Dottie's feet is much more peaceful now and precipitates less wafting than David's attempts at using his contact-less debit card.

 She stood beautifully to be mounted.

A little bit of napping, was dealt with by moving Dottie from one side to the other...

...and some counted stops and rein backs were incorporated in order to work on asking Dottie not to brace against the bit. It shouldn't be long before Vanessa is able to ride out in company with another horse.

In the meantime, the real dotty pony, Dartmoor x Spotted Pony, Barney, has been going on excursions around the yard with his owner, Claire. She says:
"We stood watching some firewood cutting and splitting. He settled very quickly. We also went for a walk up the lane and met some horses running around in the field. All in all he is starting to find life less stressful."