Thursday, January 26, 2017

26th January, 2017 News and Views

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers; this is Flower the cow.

1) I will be able to take a few clients from February 7th providing you are happy for my assistant Tracey to do the hands-on work. I hope to be fully functioning from March 7th.

2) Last night my blog had over 500 views - 499 of which were not me! I know a lot of you already as clients and friends but wondered if you are a regular visitor whether you would like to say hi, by email or on Facebook. I'd also welcome guest blogs from people who have horses, have perhaps used my book, or done a bit of training with me, or have something interesting to say about horses. Photos always well received too. My email address is:  If you've just popped in because I wrote something vaguely smutty in order to grab attention, then please don't feel you have to!


p.s. The book is coming along well with over 60,000 words written. I was inspired to write it by the people I have met and their horses, and also the people who read and appreciate my blog.