Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2nd May, 2017 Moonlighting

Whilst Karen was revising well for her New Forest quiz, we had plenty of non-horsey things to do before starting work with Moon today. First a trip to the Woodford Valley to see Therese and Temojin who, rather like the horses, are mid-moult. Karen has drawn a fabulous picture of Therese and Temojin which she wanted to compare with the real thing.

Lloyd is looking altogether smarter and was roaming the grounds...

Lunch at the Royal Oak in Fritham which caters for our regular Birthday Club - quiche all round!

Finally a three part session with Moon again who is looking and feeling altogether softer. Whilst progress may seem slow to an outsider, it seems pretty constant and positive to us, and no doubt meteoric to Moon herself.

Karen is also doing really well with her and whilst I worked with Moon's back legs, she worked on her front end.

Turned out for the evening.

Pie is almost ready to go back out again and one more week should suit him well. He was very interested in Natasha.

Henrietta's session was by way of revision but she now reverses along the 'nail file' too.

Incidentally, this is the picture Karen drew of Therese and Temojin.