Saturday, April 3, 2004

March, 2004

I attended a donkey driving course at the Donkey Sanctuary. I am pleased that some of my techniques can be translated into donkey language - particularly with long-reining. Midway through the month I attended a Mary Wanless Demo at Kingston Maurwood. I gain an awful lot from this and am very pleased to see that she doesn't believe in thrusting your seat backwards and forwards. I've never been any good at that!
Towards the end of the month I go and visit Tom and Sarah Widdicombe (both RA's) and get some very useful business advice. It is so relaxing to be around people and discuss horses without the risk of boring someone. Tom and Sarah have some lovely coloured cobs at their yard. I spend a long time talking to their stallion. (Tom is the author of Be With Your Horse). Tom and Sarah's website is at .
Article about me appears in the Farmers Guardian.