Wednesday, February 14, 2007

14th February, 2007

The ideal day to meet Jonathan Gerelli, Head Agister with my feather duster and no, I haven't become his cleaner. I think I'd better explain....I've been talking to Jonathan about setting up some wild pony handling courses where students would work with unhandled ponies at no expense to the commoners who own them. All they would need to do is to provide the working area, a loo and a kettle and the students and I would do all the work. Unfortunately I have no availability in March or I could have worked with four two year-old colts that Jonathan is keeping entire in the hope that they will do well at the stallion passing. By the end of March they need to be handleable and allow people to inspect them (and their testicles!). I offered to work with them today and spent a fabulous afternoon with four absoutely glorious Foresters. I put headcollars on two of them and was able to touch the other two on both sides. I took the quietest one for a walk around the farmyard where we had a chat to the Charolais Bull. What's so fascinating is how different these colts are from each other - each representing the best but diverse aspects of the breed.
Piper is now turned out in the big field and follows a bucket into the round pen where I can catch him very easily. I've been walking him over the obstacles too. He thinks the blue carpet should be red.