Friday, August 8, 2008

8th August, 2008 Analogy One: SPD for boys (or girls who know about electricity)

Having Sensory Perception Dysfunction is like your sense are wired up to the mains. There is one circuit for each sense: olefactory, auditory, visual, tactile and taste and they are wired up in series so that if one fuses, the others may become overloaded. There are two main problems: sudden power surges and the manufacturer's plug which was fitted with a 13A fuse. When the fuse goes in one circuit, your family and friends may be left in the dark and have to potter around with a short candle trying to work out what's gone wrong - because the other circuits are still live, there is a danger of electrocution. Simply replacing the fuse like for like may not work because continual overload may damage the wiring so that it becomes stiff and brittle, compromising functionality and with an increased risk of a catastrophic fire in the future. The problem in my case goes back to 1963 when there was a blip in the quality control system (I was born premature and didn't see my Mum for three weeks [long story])but modern technology means that I can self-diagnose and alert users to the particular problem so that it can be avoided. We are now looking at transformers to bring the voltage down and fitting me with a 3A fuse instead.