Monday, January 24, 2011

24th January, 2011 When IH met the Agister

Despite it having already been a hard winter, the New Forest ponies have been doing surprisingly well. I know that many of them are being fed on the quiet and every little helps. However, a few are starting to drop back dramatically. I spotted this one on the way over to my own horses and having contacted the Verderers was pleased to find Andrew the Agister only half a mile up the road catching another one. As this one was very friendly, I had a headcollar and lead rein on him by the time Andrew got back and was stuffing his face with my best haylage. He was loaded into Andrew's trailer with a quarter rope and a bit of a shove from behind and was on his way home for some more food. It's hard not to be judgemental when you see one like this but they can lose weight very rapidly once they are on their way down.