Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1st November, 2017 It's Oh So Quiet

Apart from riding and cleaning up fields behind nine ponies this week, it's all very quiet. At the weekend I went back to work with Leo who has had a break in his training and needs a bit of revision before his training goes forward again. Leo is my 'very last' pony client since my insurance runs out at Christmas and I shall be putting up the closed sign.

Nelly, Juma, and Peechay, are thriving in the holiday paddock at Fritham and will stay there for another week or so while they still have plenty of grass. I envisage that they will all stay in until the clocks change back again and I can be certain that there is a strong connection between Peechay and his Mum and brother which will keep him anchored to them out on the Forest.

While we were out riding yesterday we came across Pie, who looks great, and his girlfriend, Orange Girl who is beautifully camouflaged in the autumn bracken.