Thursday, April 12, 2012

12th April, 2012 Tilly Trotter?

Tilly is a yearling Cob cross Appaloosa. Her owners have done a great job using the No Fear, No Force book. Today they asked me go and work through the basic groundwork exercises and to look at her leading work. Lovely to see another youngster fall on its feet in a good home.

Update 29.4.12: " Tilly is doing well. Only used the bottle once more after your visit to get her up the hill (to ask her to walk on).Walks up as if there had never been a problem! She came in today for awhile just to get her out of this weather. We had a go at putting a rug on her which she coped with really well. Bit more practice needed until she feels really calm with the whole thing. Backing up straight away now and respecting T's space. Also able to give  ears a good rub inside. She is such a poppet you can't help but love her" SP