Wednesday, August 21, 2013

21st August, 2013 Nothing to See Here

This morning I got up to Fritham to see this sign and wondered whether I should ride Theoden or not. It hadn't really got going so I decided to go ahead anyway. Theoden came across to be caught, stood loose while I tacked him up. and worked softly even though Petra was right across the other side of the field shading under the tree.

Afterwards I went to see a Welsh Cob which is particularly difficult about having his bridle on. The common cause of this is plaques which can make the ear really sore and require frequent intervention by people with cream. The horse becomes doubly defensive. As the behaviour escalates the owner is tempted to rush and subjects the horse to even more tickly and invasive touch. No wonder the horse then decides that the ears are completely out of bounds. I was soon able to put the bridle on in three distinct stages each rewarded with a click and a treat.

Next it was time to visit Chancer in his new loan home with Nicky.He has completely settled in and seems very relaxed. He has a new friend called Marley. Difficult to see what either of them really look like in their protective outfits.