Friday, August 9, 2013

9th August, 2013 Eyes Lighting Up

This gorgeous 7 year old Irish Sports Horse has a fantastic temperament and even though his running foot gives away a little anxiety, he copes with really big lorries going right past him. His owner wants me to help her get him going out and about under saddle and today we made a good start from the ground. It's not easy to negotiate all of the modern hazards including an incredibly slippery road.

"Sarah, you are a legend! Had an amazing first session with my horse and saw instant results with Sarah's calm, intuitive approach. Thank you, thank you, thank you x" KL  (Facebook)

Later Isaac arrived for his pre-starting work. Jazz thought he was a present for her!

Isaac's eyes lit up when David arrived on the motorbike today. After just one session he has improved so much and today we worked on asking him to cope with the motorbike travelling behind him. Interestingly (as I am fascinated by horses being more worried about things seen in one eye than the other), he could cope with the bike passing behind him out of the vision of his left eye and into that of his right much better than the other way round.