Tuesday, August 31, 2004

August, 2004

Marny comes down to video one of my case studies. The pony I work with is the star of the show and walks over tarpaulins and past flags and balloons without batting an eyelid. Later I went to meet Horace, another New Forest pony, who has bucked his first rider off and has problems with things on his back and behind him. Having assessed him I follow up with groundwork and get on and off him bareback. I am booked to work with him again.

Helped out at the Alfred's Tower Endurance Ride providing security for the FEI stables. I meet all the competitiors for the 160km endurance ride. It is incredibly hot and the stables filled up with crocked up horses throughout the day. The last competitior comes in at 10 p.m. having set out at 4.30 a.m.. I'm not at all comfortable with this and for this reason decide not to help out the following year even though it will be the European Championships (in the event they were cancelled and transferred to France).