Thursday, September 30, 2004

September, 2004

Qualify as a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship Ltd.

Worked with a New Forest cross Warmblood. This two year old is rather full of herself and needs lots of interesting things to do.

Later I take delivery of two Exmoor ponies from the Moorland Mousie Trust. Although they have already been to one foster home, I decide to start at the beginning with hand grooming and headcollars on and off. I rename one Liony as he needs to become brave and friendly. He is right hand sided and won't allow anyone around his left hand side.

I rode Petra across the Forest to Ann NF's via the High Corner Inn. It is amazing to be able to ride for five hours without touching a road. The horses feel pretty fit although Petra is convinced that we are lost. On the way back we watch the deer being fed at Bolderwood and have an ice-cream in the pouring rain.

The following week a five year old New Forest pony arrives for starting. Nicky has lived out on the Forest until last year when I was asked to put her first headcollar on. She produced a surprise foal in the Spring. She turns out to be an absolute darling.

The next weekend I attend a John Jones (RA) demonstration in Herefordshire. What a wonderful way he has with horses. He is just so gentle and works in such a way that the horse can do the right thing very easily. I come away with more new things to try. I also meet Lesley from Trwllwn Farm where they rescue horses and ponies.

At the end of the month I go on the Forest Drive with Andrea Dymott and her show stopping Shetland, Jade. Although it's raining there are a great crowd of people there and we eat our picnics under the dripping trees. We share a flapjack with Jade and then come home again.