Saturday, September 6, 2008

6th September, 2008 Someone stop the rain!

I'm really looking forward to the next two weeks when I have got the widest variety of work ahead of me starting with a wild New Forest filly to tame on Monday morning. Once again I shall be working with John Wyatt the farrier on Tuesday - he's doing a marvellous job of persuading a very wary mare that he isn't going to hurt her. He's one of the good guys. Wednesday I've got a worried Welsh cob followed by an aggressive NF pony. Amanda is coming over on Thursday to give five of us lessons. I'm now working on Petra's trot and canter but she no longer pushes through the bit or rushes home. Friday I am running a clinic at Portsmouth for a family with a variety of horses. I've got a horse that naps strongly towards home on Saturday that I shall try the "Petra technique" on and then a beautifully bred warmblood to do some groundwork with. On Sunday we are bringing a pony in for de-sensitization work - he's refusing to accept any third party touching him. The following week involves long reining little Knick-Knack, an Icelandic horse and another aggressive pony that hates being groomed and objects to anyone being nearby when he has food.