Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6th March, 2013 Past

This week I have received news of two horses from the past. Yeshe, the pony with whom we did training to ask him to co-operate with his owner when she was in her wheelchair, and Annie, the rescue horse that was pretty semi-feral and had the misfortune to witness her own mother being shot. Yeshe is rising six and is a really sensible and sensitive pony.

"Just chucked Yeshe in cart, drove down from yard then up long hill to flags. Amazing little pony, apart from jumping at monsters in a puddle he just chilled out and got to work."DS

"You came to help my rescued horse Annie and myself in last year and I have been working on her for months as every step takes such a long time to combat. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did as on Friday I took her head-collar off permanently for the first time which was a big trust issue on both sides. She is finally free and it is so beautiful to see her face and her old life in the distance. She is also now every day coming up to see me for her carrot whereas before I couldn’t even get in a field with her."MR