Thursday, November 10, 2016

10th November, 2016 Apple of My Eye

I found Nelly and Blue this morning and was able to give them their wormer. They weren't terribly impressed but it will set them up for the winter.

The home horses were wormed yesterday so were much more delighted by the apples I had brought them. I only worm them once a year now and in their case I use Pramox because it addresses bots, tapeworm, and encycsted redworm, none of which can be traced using a worm count although there is now a saliva test available for tapeworm. There is no proof that herbal wormers can eradicate any of these.

Théoden and Henrietta are currently besotted with one another and whatever he does, she does. I think she is now number two concubine.

Outside the fields there was a colt hunt going on with two Commoners and one Agister in persuit of a group of mares and a couple of foals. My mares weren't caught up in it...

...and the donkeys and 'Lemony' were mere bystanders.

This afternoon it was my regular visit to Anna who despite looking so grumpy enjoyed being brushed and pampered while we waited for the farrier to trim her feet. I think she was warning me against using the car cleaning brush.