Monday, November 7, 2016

7th November, 2016 It Makes Me Spit

One queen from Orient are; Lloyd the llama thinks that his food has been adulterated; the new and old alpacas are now integrated; and Temojin would rather sunbathe than get up and go out riding.
My usual Monday morning thing...still can't quite believe my luck as I go out riding on a polo pony and watch the traffic screech to a halt at the sight of the two camels (or carry on driving whilst trying to take a picture on their phone).

I learned two things about camelids this morning, both related to spittle. If an alpaca spits in or near their food, none of the alpacas, nor the llama, will eat any of it. And, if you sneeze near a camel they are highly offended as they think you've spat at them!