Wednesday, November 9, 2016

9th November, 2016 Duly Chastened

...I set off across the Forest for work this morning, taking care to notice when the painted road signs said 30 instead of 40.

Sammy and I were almost literally 'refining' his ground work this morning as we looked across to Fawley. He is very pleasant to take for a stroll but he does have a habit of just walking into you or even through you when he feels like it. I have been working on that from the left and from the right.

It's hard visiting these old haunts without Kestrel who you may recall from earlier posts (I know he had a great many fans). Sadly his owner lost him last year, and I have also just heard that darling Lenki has died too. I am in deep mourning for both of them. I never forget any of the horses I work with and I know what a hole they leave in their owners' lives when they go.