Sunday, November 13, 2016

!3th November, 2016 Efficiency Drive

Up bright and early today with an impressive list of jobs to do. Up to my landlord's to worm his horses and apply eye ointment to his Arabian cross Paint horse that has recently had his sinuses flushed. Then, picked up my new cross-country fences which have come all the way down from Wetherby from Just Jumps where they had been held up by the weather.

These seem to represent very good value for money, since it would take quite a while to put them together and yet they are both  substantial and made from tanalised wood. We will be making a few amendments to make sure that horses can't get their feet caught in them, and we'll also be anchoring them to the ground.

Picked up a mattress on the way back past my own house (don't ask) before dropping the lot off at my fields, grabbed the number plate and then off to Sarah's friends to pick up a 'proper' horse trailer that we needed for the afternoon. Lunch and refuel en route.

Then off to Sarah's for the main purpose of the day, a photo and video shoot with her two beautiful Arabians, mother and daughter, Dina and Jaz, in the trailer with Bar Buffers in place.

My goodness we have talked a lot of horse today but also got lots done.

Since designing the Bar Buffer I have met with a few comments about home-made padding being 'just as good' and also discovered some other products which claim to provide padding for the horse. None of these products can compete with our Bar Buffers in terms of cushioning the horse's chest from bruising.

The padding in the Bar Buffer is made from closed-cells and therefore withstands a great deal more shock as well as being warm feeling. The vinyl itself is robust and washable,  and fastened with 2" Velcro.

Details of the Bar Buffers can be found on my website: Bar Buffers. We make them for every type of trailer and horsebox. Local deliveries can be arranged at no cost.