Tuesday, November 8, 2016

8th November, 2016 I Can't Talk...

...not for the next three years anyway. I am feeling stupid and remorseful since I have received a notice of intended prosecution for speeding on the Forest on 3rd November. There are no excuses. It is really aggravating when I have spent my whole time trundling from one end of Roger Penny Way to the other doing 40mph or less, annoying the hell out of other drivers, and railing against everyone who overtakes me, particularly when there are animals at the side of the road. I would be absolutely mortified if I ever hit one of the animals and when it is dark or foggy I always slow down even more. My offence was in the village of Bramshaw. I saw the speed camera van, checked I was definitely doing under 40mph (35mph), and thought "Oh good, they'll be catching some speeders today"; indeed, I may even have been smiling in their shot of me. Of course the speed limit in Bramshaw is actually 30 mph and the signs, which are clearly visible, told me that. To the villagers of Bramshaw, I am so sorry.

For penance I have cleaned out the chemical loo in readiness for the course next week, and I've also filled in my form and sent it back (I washed my hands first). There's no point in sending a plea for leniency, it's my own stupid fault.