Thursday, November 3, 2016

3rd November, 2016 Donkey Work

"Dear Auntie Sarah,

Mum said I had to let you know that I think I might be over my donkey phobia....basically I had to grow a pair today as five of them were lurking near our gate, a fact I was blissfully unaware of until I almost fell over them (mum had already seen them from a distance but decided it was time to get a grip). I was with my girlfriend ( I use the term loosely as I seem to irritate her most of the time), and she was totally unimpressed by these long eared hairy grey/spotty creatures and kept her route march up as we were nearly home. Well...I couldn't lose face and run away like a scaredy cat, sorry pony, so I took control and marched forwards towards these creatures who ignored me completely (rude). I walked on past the first 3 and then some stupid car decided to get in the way and sent the other 2 in different directions (they run in a most peculiar way, heads down tails swishing) so mum did dismount although there was really no need as I was fine, completely in control, so then there were donkeys to the left of me, donkeys to the right and I was stuck in the middle with her. I was sooo brave, no snorting, running foot, actually they seemed quite interesting and I just wanted to stay and watch but the girlfriend, who was by now at the home gate was getting impatient and giving me evils so mum said we had better go in as apparently the female species do not generally like to be kept waiting. 

Mum gave me lots of hugs and slobbery kisses when we got in and told me how good and brave I was, so I am feeling pretty chuffed. of course I may meet them on my own again next time but am running out of excuses.....bring on the camels I say.

Love Bennyxx"